Think And Grow Rich!


Franc Nemanic - Revenue Generation Expert


The #1 problem in business today is not enough SALES. When it comes down to it any business would like to grow faster, be more profitable, and have a long term competitive advantage.

The question is how do you do it?

Business is a formula and in its simplest form it can be defined as: PRODUCTION MINUS SALES EQUALS SCRAP. Until you sell everything you possibly can produce, you haven't reached your ultimate potential both as a company and as a businessperson.

What makes me qualified to discuss this subject?

I made a decision one day to take a leap of faith and start a high technology business in July 1999 (talk about questionable timing!) called My vision was to create a category called Wholesale Private Label Web Hosting and Email Services for Service Providers. At the time this was a highly competitive business with literally thousands of competitors in an already established industry. The one thing I had in my favor was a strong belief that there was a technology need to be satisfied. I had no empirical evidence just anecdotes but enough to know that there was a business there.

The need was based upon a lack of a common technology standard. To use an analogy it was like every PC was running its own unique operating system rather than using Windows. My idea was to build Windows for Websites as an ASP for Telcos, CLEC's, Cableco's, ISP's, and others. I rightfully concluded that these organizations would be incapable of building these technologies in-house and the exploding demand for Web Services from Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's) would drive these companies to try to satisfy this demand.

Under my leadership as President of Hostopia we achieved the following:

Hostopia's sales grew from zero in 1999 to a run-rate of $18 million (Jan 2006) with EBITDA in excess of 25% including 26 consecutive quarters of revenue growth ;
I built and managed Hostopia's sales force and perfected its marketing and selling methodology;
Hostopia grew from zero employees (July 99) to over 200 (Jan 06);
Hostopia achieved the number 1 position in its space worldwide by out-selling, out-marketing, and out-developing against competitors with 100 times its resources;
As chief fundraiser Hostopia attracted in excess of $8.5 million of external capital.
Today Hostopia is a thriving, publicly traded business having grown by over 13,000% in its first 5 years of business and with a run-rate currently exceeding $28 million.

As President and Founder, I helped build a team that grew Hostopia into the established leader in its category and the #1 company in its segment. Starting with ZERO REVENUE in 1999 and now driving over $28 million of revenue annualized (Dec 07) and over $60 million since inception, Hostopia is now a highly profitable worldwide leader in the emerging Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Hostopia is a technology innovator and with over 200 employees in multiple offices worldwide, Hostopia is truly a stunning success story.

The Saga of how we got there from a single employee to surviving and thriving during the "DotCom Nuclear Winter" is a story in and of itself. The lessons I learned are what I would like to share with all of you and help you to avoid the pitfalls and challenges of running a high-growth business.

And that leads to my personal business secret:

All Things are Created Twice, First In The Mind and Secondly In Reality.

What we believe in and strive for becomes our reality and unless you begin with the end in mind you won't achieve the ending you want.

If you would like a sympathetic ear to speak to or you would like to engage me in a business discussion please email me at I look forward to speaking with you.